About the StressCafé Project

Welcome to StressCafé, where Australian workers can compare their work place standards against national benchmarks (based on the Australian Workplace Barometer), helping to identify best practice standards for the joint outcomes of worker health and corporate productivity.

The software is unique in its ability to collect large amounts of data, and let Universities, Industry, Government and Community groups collect, calculate, compare and share significant workplace research information in real-time.

Professor Maureen Dollard

Director of the Centre for Applied Psychological Research

Project aims

The StressCafé is anticipated to provide e-Research website infrastructure providing web based data capture and visualisation of stress information from a range of participating worker and organisations. The data sets collected via the website and other research activities will feed into the design and development of specialised tools and middleware allowing analytical work via real-time visualisation and querying of the data enabling students and Australian academic researchers, industry, Australian governments, unions, and OHS organisations to have access to high quality evidence to design and evaluate research, develop OHS interventions, inform prevention campaigns, policies and practice, benchmark progress at national levels, monitor changing trends, and develop national standards.

It will also enable international benchmarking of Australian work conditions against international standards, and the tracking of important temporal trends in conditions and work-related mental and physical health. The StressCafé will initially utilise the Australian Workplace Barometer landmark longitudinal representative study of 4000 workers exploring work stress by examining interactions between job demands, job resources, work engagement, mental (e.g. depression) and physical health (Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant DP0879007). The website infrastructure will be used as part of a further ARC Linkage Grant (LP100100449).

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  Aims Tools



  • Organisational resilience
  • Psychosocial safety culture
  • Australian Workplace Barometer
  • Psychosocial Safety Culture and Climate Index
  • Psychosocial Risk Assessment
  • Fatigue Index



  • Organisational and individual resilience  
  • Psychosocial safety culture and climate
  • Mediation
  • Psychosocial Risk Assessment
  • Stress Management
  • Assertiveness Training



  • Restore and build individual resilience
  • Return to work
  • Therapeutic Intervention
  • Career Development


Methods and Requirements

This project will develop website infrastructure for services to support a diverse range of data forms; data archive management practices; visualisation tools and middleware development; and researcher support services. In summary, the key requirements identified by the StressCafé working party are to provide:

  • A website as the coherent single point of access for nationally significant workplace data information, including access for students, researchers, industry, government bodies, unions and OHS organisations to collect, calculate, compare and share workplace information
  • Management of a diverse range of data forms needed to help answer research questions across these different forms: e.g. unit record data, qualitative data, including a high level of data documentation that allows researchers to quickly identify its relevance and quality for research purposes
  • Easy access to specialised collections, e.g. industry groups
  • Provide fast search across all this data
  • Easy access to data analysis tools, including the development of advanced analytical and visualisation tools and capability that provide additional value to data archives and support the 'unlocking' of otherwise inaccessible data sets of national significance
  • Computational modelling, expertise and resources
  • Training and support for researchers adopting e-Research methods that will access the infrastructure provided