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This is a unique portal for gathering (and sharing) important information about work place stress  associated with different occupations in Australia and overseas. Our aim is to develop understanding of this important and growing feature of working life and to assist in the evolution of work place conditions which minimise worker stress-injury.

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Research Results

  • Females report higher rates of bullying and for longer periods than men.

  • Females report more unwanted sexual advances, more humiliation, and more unfair treatment due to gender than men.

  • Workers who remain in the workforce beyond the retirement age of 65 experience fewer job demands, more job resources and positive health outcomes.

  • Psychologically unhealthy workers reported nearly 6 times as much sickness absence as the healthiest workers.

  • Industries at high risk of poor general health as a result of job demands and resources are retail trade, accommodation, cafes and restaurants, and the health and community services industry.